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Minimum Quantity & Pricing

We are often asked for approximate pricing on our products to see how they fit into a budget. This is a bit tricky for us as there are many variables involved. Number of colours in your design or logo, quantity, decoration type, delivery location and of course when you need the product for. If you have deadline please tell us early so we can make your deadline. We have minimum quantities for each item and then another column designed to give you an idea of how much you will save on a larger more cost effective quantity. Freight is not included but we can ship to any location in Australia. Although we are located in Perth and you are perhaps in Sydney please don’t make assumptions on us being too dear on freight. The reason being that the product may be coming from Sydney anyway so freight will be low in your case. Conversely if you are in Perth don’t assume freight will be low. See what I meant it’s tricky. Best to just advise us what the product & code is, quantity required and your location and we can give you an all inclusive quote including freight.  Some of our suppliers deliver freight free to Capital cites so we may surprise you and say it’s freight free. For most products there are many styles and colours to choose from. You will notice we have listed some sea freight options with longer delivery schedules which can save you a lot of money. Custom styles are also available on many products. Any questions please let us know!




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