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Conference Compendiums

A-5 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Coloured Trim

A-4 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Coloured Trim

A-4 Size Koskin

A-4 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Zippered With Ring Binder

A-4 Size
Nylon W Contrast Panel

A-4 Size
Nylon & PU

A-4 Size Microfibre
Zippered With Organizer
Removeable 3 Ring Binder

A-4 Size
Bonded Leather

A-4 Size Soft PVC
Zippered W Grey Trim
Calculator Option

These are the most popular compendiums based on your feedback.
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Using Compendiums as Conference Giveaways

Compendiums are an ideal giveaway at conferences. Since they make perfect presentation folders, they’re great both for during and after the conference, making it a wise idea to try to hand these out as early as possible to maximise exposure. They look sleek and professional, and combined with their easy portability; it makes them highly likely to see extensive use.

Unlike clothes, pens, or tote bags, conference compendiums are items that people only rarely buy or receive. As a result, you’ll have less competition in the customer’s mind. If they like your design or the high level of quality you’ve invested in the most, they may well use only the compendium you’ve given them. Any time they have a presentation to make, need to bring notes to a meeting, or simply need to protect their papers, they’ll bring along the one you’ve given them, displaying your logo to anyone who looks on.

One of the best things about these promotional products is that they’re practically guaranteed to be shown in business settings, including at future conferences. This means that word about your business will reach other companies – who could eventually prove to be your best customers.

Even if the recipient decides that they like one they already own more, it won’t be a complete loss. These items are designed for organization. They can be used for personal needs – holding a manuscript, protecting artwork, or anything else they can think of. Alternatively, they may decide to pass it on to children, who will bring it to schools, colleges, and events. Depending on the target market for your business, this might be just as good or even better for your marketing efforts.

A good thing to do when designing your custom-made compendium, if you’re planning on giving it away at a conference, is to include the name of the conference’s location on it. This makes it a conversation piece, especially if it was held at an exotic place. While they are talking about it, people will also see your logo, and the owner will be reminded of the company that gave it to him or her.

Of course, there’s no need to limit the use of these items to one purpose. Why not give them as gifts to your employees instead? They’ll end up being used in all of the same locations this way, and add to a feeling of corporate unity. Of course, you could also choose to give them to employees just before a conference, and make it part of a temporary uniform for the big event.

Compendiums are powerful marketing tools available for a moderate price. Their long-lasting usefulness, high value to the recipient, and attractive appearance making them well worth the cost. In addition, their customizability ranges far beyond design – they can come with removable 3-ring binders, calculators, and organisers, with covers ranging from luxurious leather to PVC or nylon. Choose the options that best suit your needs, and give us a call.


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