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Drinkware – Promotional Mugs and Glassware

Assorted Colours
Assorted Colours
Assorted Colours
Assorted Colours
Assorted Colours
Assorted Colours
S Steel/Acrylic-470ml
Assorted Colours
S Steel-410ml
Assorted Colours
S Steel-410ml
Assorted Colours
Full Colour Print

These are the most popular glassware, promotional mugs and other drinkware items based on customer feedback.
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Ideas for Using Promotional Mugs and Glassware

Promotional mugs are a long-time favorite for businesses worldwide, and it isn’t hard to see why. Mugs are used by virtually everyone on a daily basis, especially by coffee and tea drinkers. This makes them a practically ubiquitous sight in the office place.

In addition, they are something that everyone will find a way to use: while virtually any promotional product runs a small risk of not being welcome because the recipient already owns enough of that particular type of item, just about everyone can use more drinkware. After all, dishes get dirty and chip or break over time. This makes them nearly guaranteed to see the light of day regularly, and if they bear your logo then that image will be seen every time it comes out.

Promotional coffee mugs can be useful in both the business world and at home. They can be used in the office in the same manner as a uniform, or simply be made available for employees who haven’t brought their own from home. They can also be brought to meetings, where they’ll be visible to visitors from other companies. At home, they will often find themselves in the hands of guests who are practically guaranteed to read anything printed on the mug out of curiosity.

Thermal mugs are another great option, especially for commuters who spend several hours per week driving. Bringing a standard coffee mug into a corporate vehicle is just asking for disaster! These promotional mugs, on the other hand; offer a safe way to drink coffee, tea, or other hot beverages on the go while making sure to keep the drink hot at the same time.

Even without the promotional benefits, branded mugs are a sign of success and professionalism. It is practically an expectation that companies will offer branded mugs at this point, and you will prove that you are up to par by owning and handing out custom-designed drinkware.

However, if you are looking to go a little beyond the ordinary, why not consider glassware as well? If you own a restaurant or bar, then branded beer and wineglasses are practically essential. For companies that do not serve drinks, however, these make great gifts that say you think outside the box.

Personalised shot glasses can make great (if somewhat daring and original) corporate gifts, while wineglasses show class and elegance. Branded champagne flutes can make great giveaways at celebrations as well. Promotional glassware is a valuable opportunity just waiting to be put to good use.

Promotional mugs and glassware are great for companies seeking corporate gifts and promotional items for low to moderate prices. With their highly visible, moderately-sized print area, they are effective tools for increasing brand recognition anywhere they appear and the relatively low price makes them perfect for giveaways as well as everyday office use.

It is hard to think of a business that will not benefit from owning these versatile items. If you want mugs or glassware with your logo on them, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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