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BIC Lighters

bic lighters printed

Meet Aus/NZ Stds

Meet Aus/NZ Stds

Meet Aus/NZ Stds


Using Printed Cigarette Lighters Today

While it is true that the market for smoking paraphernalia is shrinking, there is still a place for printed cigarette lighters in the marketing campaigns of many businesses. They are particularly great for pubs, bars, clubs and roadhouses, as well as convenience stores and other places likely to be visited when somebody loses their old lighter.

These items tend to be used frequently and for a long time. If you get a printed cigarette lighter into the hands of a habitual smoker, then they will likely use it several times a day, often while they’re around other people. In today’s world, most smokers are limited to outdoor smoking breaks in specific areas, and many people will flock to that location every day; whenever the branded lighter with your logo is brought out, everyone there will see it – and again every time the scenario repeats.

Combine this with the decently-sized print area on the lighter and people are bound to notice your logo eventually. Even if it’s partially concealed by the user’s hand, they’ll catch a glimpse of it and ask “What’s that on your lighter?” The conversations about your logo and business that could follow will guarantee expanded brand recognition.

Of course, these promotional items are not merely limited to one purpose. They can be used any time a small fire is necessary. For example, if the recipient is the outdoorsy type, they might use it to light campfires. When it comes to cooking, they are great for restarting extinguished pilot lights, starting a stubborn gas stove, or lighting up the grill.

They are a reusable and more effective alternative to matches, which often go out before you can touch the fire to the fuel or snap when you strike too hard. All of these uses make these branded items a practical choice when choosing promotional items for your company.

We offer a selection of BIC lighters for many reasons, but the primary reason is that they are a well-known and trusted brand. Anyone receiving or purchasing one of your promotional product will know that they have been given a quality item that will work well and safely.

When dealing with fire, after all, many people would feel uncomfortable using an item from a brand they had never heard of before. BIC products will allay any fears and improve the odds that people will use your printed promotional item over others.

All of these printed cigarette lighters are childproof and meet Australia’s and New Zealand’s standards for safety. This makes them a perfectly safe handout or giveaway, and a much safer choice than some traditional products, even if they do not have quite the same flashiness.

Any good business leader knows that safety should be a primary concern for anybody creating, selling, or giving away products. As your recipients have no need to worry about the product they are getting, so you have no need to worry about the promotional item you are giving away. If you think these promotional giveaways might be the right choice for your marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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