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PMS Colours

Here is a list of PMS Colours. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It is an international system to make sure you get the same colour print no matter if you are in Sydney, New York, Paris or Kathmandu. The colour in your logo would have been assigned a particular mix of colours to achieve your unique PMS colour. Much the same as when they mix paint for you at the paint store. So once you know the PMS colour it can be replicated by any screen printer anywhere in the world. The trouble is people lose or don’t know their PMS colours.

We can view your logo online or try to convert RGB and CMYK colours to PMS Colours but this is not an exact science either.  So use the chart below with caution as another variable is that monitors and computer screens will show slightly different colours. If you don’t know your PMS colour try to contact whoever designed the logo. If that doesn’t work you can take something that you have had printed to a local printer and kindly ask to use their PMS book and find a physical match. Lastly you can use this chart to help but as we said colours vary. We can advise what we think the PMS colour is but we are not responsible if you are not happy with the colour we picked.

It is your responsibility to provide the correct PMS colour for your logo.


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